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Reviews, Interviews, and Guest Posts for ALL TOGETHER NOW: A ZOMBIE STORY


If you have a blog or a site and you'd like to interview me or have me over for a guest post, I'd be thrilled. Just ask.

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"When I say I found this book horrifying, I mean that in a good way. I mean it in the best way there is. There were moments in this book that completely spun me out. I read the disclaimer, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as intense as it was."
Anniki's Bookcase 

"All Together Now is a book that  is fast paced, well written and thought provoking while still filling its pages with plenty of action, suspense and of course Zombie carnage. If you like Zombie Action combined with dark humor and a twinge of romance than All Together Now is definitely for you."
Blood, Sweat, and Books 

TOTALLY NAILED IT! The best zombie horror book I have ever read! From first word to the last, you'll get hooked. After reading the book, my heart was crying, I NEEDED MORE!!! Honestly, this book is so hauntingly amazing. Truly a MASTERPIECE! 
Books and Authors Spot

"The story is seriously fun, really easy to read, and the characters are easy to cheer for. And there are some fabulous one liners in this, seriously… for a zombie book I think I laughed much more than I cringed! Well, maybe a bit, maybe not more…
Creating Serenity

"Robert Kent's All Together Now explodes with action, near escapes, flying guts (and other body parts), and bad luck for the main characters followed by even worse luck. In other words, a perfect YA zombie book. But the heart of this story are the realistic characters. I found myself staying up late over several nights, unable to put Ricky's tale down."
Darby Karchut 

"I was absolutely glued to my kindle till the early hours. The short chapters make it easy to read for those who just want to pick it up and put it down, but I bet you can't stop once you start. Every chapter is action-packed, fast-paced and full of suspense, but still maintaining believability even from a 15-year-old's perspective. The action is heart-pounding, gripping, and in some places I actually found myself holding my breath while I speedily read through the pages to find out what was going to happen next... and... breathe."
Gadget Girl Reviews

"I found no faults with this book, it flows well, is edited well and it is wickedly smart. There are also some very good moral lessons which gives us a very good reason to share this book with the young adults in our lives. It is guaranteed to warp their young minds, and hey, isn’t that how we all started to love the genre?  I really cared for Ricky and Michelle, I loved the originality of the story and it was never predictable.  In  my opinion that deserves 5 stars. Whether you love zombies or not, I think you will really enjoy All Together Now: A Zombie Story!"

"Loved the book and I want more." 
Larissa and Friends Bookish Life

"This is a book adults, young adults, horror fans, and fans of apocalyptic fiction will love." 
Mike Mullin 

"Kent doesn't pull any punches. This is a violent story, that not only shows the zombie carnage, but also how humans can be just as nasty and dangerous as zombies, if not more so."
Pearls Cast Before A McPig 

"It is a truly fun and disgusting story with a bit of heart."
Sparks and Butterflies

"All Together Now surprised me with interesting twists and an unexpected bit of pizazz."
The Bookie Monster

"This one is a HUGE hit. Kent's writing style flows naturally. He reads like someone who was born to tell a story, and I for one, feel like I want to keep reading his stories... I really cared about the characters in this book. A lot."
Where Zombies Come To Read

"The action, interspersed with introspection, Ricky's back story, the story of why the zombie outbreak occurred,  his relationship with his step sister who he is escaping with, it all melds together in a really moving book."
Amazon Reviews

"I love zombie stories but this one has them all beat."
Goodreads Reviews

Reviews for All Right Now

"A gruesome, skin-tightening (so it doesn't get chewed off) wild ride of a zombie short story. It has everything you would expect from Robert Kent: crisp writing, vivid descriptions, and spot on pacing. But the finest thing about this horror story is that it is really a love story - the love between a father and his son."

"This may be a short story but its an action packed and is a horrific, heart-pounding read."

"I’ve got to say, this is my favorite Kent work so far, and the sneaky little way he twined the two stories together was incredible. I will gladly read anything this man writes in this world. Kudos to Kent! This one is worthy of a nomination for the Best of 2014 list!"

"As always, Robert Kent delivers in this short story. His writing draws you in from the beginning, and keeps you involved throughout the story."

"This tale will leave your pulse racing, your mind whirling, your stomach turning, and your heart aching. A fast-paced, satisfying read that will leave the reader thinking about both the zombie apocalypse and the journey of embracing fatherhood in the most extreme conditions."

"This zombie apocalypse roller-coaster ride ticks a lot of boxes for a reader who doesn't seek out zombies particularly. What lifts it above the usual gore-fest is the smooth style and the sumptuous slice of Americana that Mr Kent serves up, carved and laid out with surgical precision."


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Guest Posts

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