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Literary Agent Uwe Stender's Never-Ending Thirst for Fantastic YA and MG

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Today, we are incredibly fortunate to have a guest post from one of my very favorite people, my friend and agent, Uwe Stender:

Uwe Stender's Never-Ending Thirst for Fantastic YA and MG

I am honored to guestblog on the esteemed Middle Grade Ninja’s blog.  He just finished the most horrifying, yet funny and at times heartbreaking Zombie novel ever and I am looking to find that courageous editor who will fall in love with this manuscript as much as I have.

Personally, I am looking for submissions in many areas (I have ADHD and crave different stimuli all the time).  Of course, all areas of nonfiction are of interest to me, and in fiction I would love to read a smart mystery or a great historical novel.  But, I am here in the Middle Grade Ninja’s lair, so let me explain what I am mostly looking for these days:  well-written Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction (and nonfiction)!

My interests in those areas are manifold.  I would really love to read a captivating Middle Grade or Young Adult mystery or spy story.  Or a fabulous Middle Grade and Young Adult story with a sports theme as a canvas (maybe running?).  Or a great nonfiction project! 

In my opinion, the greatest difficulty in writing Middle Grade and Young Adult is getting the voice just right.  If you have the right voice and then find the right story, ultimately you will become a published author with a major publisher.

I have been fortunate enough to work with two great authors in particular who have gotten the voice just right.  Elizabeth LaBan created a stunning love story in “The Tragedy Paper”, reflecting teenage insecurities with a subtlety that is just so spot on. 

Kate Hattemer, author of the upcoming “The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy”, wrote the funniest and smart Young Adult novel I have read in years and what totally grabbed my attention is her incredible knack for narrative voice and dialogue.

Of course, I love many authors who I don’t represent.  My three favorite books in Young Adult this past year were “The Statistical Probability of Falling In Love at First Sight” (needless to say I loved the voice), “Code Name Verity” (loved the pacing and the historical recreation) and “Every Day” (loved the concept.)

In  Middle Grade, “Wonder” stood above all for me, and I just read “Timmy Failure” which made me laugh out loud in the most inappropriate circumstances (like in the TSA line).

So, I first fall in love with voice and then I hopefully fall in love with hook, story, plot and characters.  Please send me your novels that will quench my never-ending thirst and appetite for fantastic YA and MG and keep my fast moving attention on your special novel.

Click here to see Uwe Stender face the 7 Questions.

TriadaUS Literary Agency founder, Dr. Uwe Stender, is a Full Member of the AAR (Association of Authors' Representatives).

Our best known clients are actress Melody Thomas Scott, CNN HLN and TruTV's In Session News Anchor Christi Paul, Eric Deggans, former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan, 4 time Grammy Award winning composer Lalo Schifrin ("Mission Impossible"),  Elizabeth LaBan, Stacy Tornio, Dale McGowan, actress Dana Davis, and legendary NBA referee Bob Delaney.

You can follow Uwe on twitter @UweStender

In 2013, Uwe will attend (and speak at) several major conferences including DFW Writers Con (@DFWCON) in Dallas, Pennwriters (@Pennwriters) in Pittsburgh, and Thrillerfest in New York City.    

TriadaUS Literary Agency is always open to any strong fiction (our current focus in fiction is YA, middle grade, Women's Fiction, Literary Fiction and Mysteries) and all non-fiction projects. 

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