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Here are some of my posts about writing you might like and may even occasionally find useful: 

A Pound of Flesh, No More, No Less: A Post About Editing

A School Shooting Happened Here, In My Town

All Finished Now and Revolution

An Appropriate Relationship Between Author and Blogger: Part One Part Two

An Open Letter to Stephen King

Another Pound of Flesh: a Second Post About Editing

Audio from the Indy Author Fair 2017 Genre Writing Panel

Author, Year One (2014): Part One Part Two

Author, Year Two (2015)

Author, Year Three (2016)

Author, Year Four (2017)

Author, Year Five (2018)

Author, Year Nine (2022)

It's Not an S: Zack Snyder's Justice League, the Nature of God, and the Persistence of Hope
Life Without Television Part One  Part Two

Middle Grade Ninja Press Official Style Guide

Muses and the Magic of Fiction Writing

Music to Write By  

My Review of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

New Cover and Ninja Update

On Conspiracy Theories and Flying Saucers

On Heartbreak and Diversity in Traditional Publishing Part One Part Two

On the Destructive Desire for Fame (And Ben Affleck)

On Using Naughty Words in Fiction

Return to Middle Grade

Rob or Robert (What's in a Name)?

"Robert Kent Annoys Christians (And Zombies)" at Zombie Pop

Setting Goals for your Writing 

Stage Fright for Writers 

Story Compromise

Swimming with Sharks Part One  Part Two 

The Cannibalization of All Right Now

The Importance of Humility in Writers (Or, Unless Your Teaching the Writer's Workshop, Shut Up)

The Making of My First Audiobook

The True Ninja Paces Himself

This Aggression Will Not Stand, Rand 

Thoughts on Blogging  

Thoughts on God

Thoughts on the Indiana SCBWI Conference

Thoughts on the Midwest Writers Workshop  

Too Many Movies

Why we Write Part One  Part Two

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