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From time to time, I like to turn this blog over to thoughtful folks with something to say. If you're a thoughtful person with something to say you think Esteemed Reader would be interested in, email me at Bannekerbones [at] gmail [dot] com with your idea for a guest post (something to do with writing or publishing). Here are some details. Let's see if we can't get your name added to this list:

Angelina Allsop: "How to Quickly Write the Fantasy Fiction Novel of Your Dreams: A Guide"

Laurie B. Arnold: "How to Hook a Reluctant Reader"

Cam Baity and Benny Zelkowicz: "Visions of Ore"

Sally Barlow-Perez: "Past Classics Still Inspire the Present"

Cara Bartek: "On Boogers and Barf"

Charlotte Bennardo: "Researching for Truth in a Tale of Fiction"

Melody J. Bremen: "How to Create a Teacher’s Guide for Your Middle Grade Novel"

Skila Brown: "How to Write a Poem in Ten Easy Steps"

Andrew Buckley: "A Very Serious Disclaimer for Hair in All the Wrong Places"

J.B. Cantwell: "Publishing Middle Grade in the Indie Age"

Margaret R. Chiavetta: "UGH! The Creative Process"

Danica Davidson: "Building a Writing Career with Freelancing"

Danica Davidson: "Turning a Video Game Into a Book Series (With Adventure and Meaning)

Barbara Dee: "Seeing All Sides of The Apple"

Barbara Dee: "Why Mom is Missing from Truth or Dare"

Chris Eboch: "On Pacing"

Christina Farley: "3 Easy Marketing Tips to Tell Your Story"

Alex Flynn "Annihilation Day"

Miriam Spitzer Franklin: "On Perseverance"

Donna Galanti: "From Adult Thrillers to Kid Thrillers"

Donna Galanti: "Showing Our Children Our World (Good and Bad) Through Books"

Eric Kahn Gale: "From Idea to Book Trailer"

Tara Gilboy: "Saying 'Yes And'"

Mark Gottlieb: "The Big Five No-Nos to Querying a Literary Agent"

James R. Hannibal: "The Story Detective (Where do Story Ideas Come From?)"

C.A. Hartley: "Researching to Build Worlds and Add Realism to Fantasy"

Daniel Harvell: "The Magic of Middle Grade Marketing"

Tracey Hecht: "Finding My Story's Voice(s)"

Tracey Hecht: "Have You Ever Thrown Up? Kids Wanna Know!"

S.D. Hintz: "Truth in Fiction"

Fred Holmes: "Adapting My Middle Grade Novel to a Screenplay"

Hugh Howey: "7 More Questions"

Patrick Hueller: "A Pulse-Pounding, Hair-Raising, Gut-Busting Good Time (Reading and Writing as Physically as Possible)"

Emilio Iasiello: "Middle Grade Fiction Opened Another Way to Connect with My Kids"

Kyle Jackson: "Mac's Sports Report"

Matthew Jobin: "The Writing Process"

Andrea Kaczmarek: "Why I Write About Goblins"  

Darby Karchut: "Be Like Michelangelo"

Jake Kerr: "Why I Self-Publish"

Lisa Williams Kline "Help! My Novel Falls Between Genres"

Dale Kutzera: "Screenwriting VS Prose Writing"

Salvo Lavis and James Munn: "Why Picture Books Aren't Just for Elementary School Kids"

L.R.W. Lee: "Are Authors... Mentally Unstable?"

Martii Maclean: "Writing Tricky Topics for the Middle Grade Reader"

Laura Martin: "The Art of the Middle School Presentation"

Tom McCarthy: "Sailing Takes Me Away to Where I've Always Written it Could be

Yona McDonough: "Stepping into the Past (Researching and Writing Middle Grade Historical Fiction)

C. Lee McKenzie: "Hybrid Me"

Janet McLaughlin: "On Writing What You Know"

Chris Minich: "Undeniably Real: An Author Realizes He Can Make A Difference"

Stacy Barnett Mozer: "Self-Published to Small-Press Published"

David Neilsen: "The Horrors of Writing Middle Grade Horror Or Why Books Aimed at Children Can't be Awash in Blood"

David Neilsen: "Beyond Two Doors: Find Your Avocados!"

Judy Newman: "The Book Lady"

Lauren Oliver and H.C. Chester: "An Exclusive Interview with Andrew the Alligator Boy"

Anna Olswanger: "About the Greenhorn Movie"

Cynthia Reeg: "Insights into Writing for Middle Grade Readers"

Cynthia Reeg: "Monster Mayheim"

Clark Rich Burbidge: "Monsters and Heroes"

Dan Richards: "How to Write Middle Grade Cringe Humor"

Kurtis Scaletta: "Tie Your Camel and Trust in Allah"

Gary Schwartz: "On Hearing Voices and Improvising Relationships"

Katie Sparks: "How My Day Job Makes Me A Better Kidlit Writer"

Kristina Springer: "Why School Librarians are a Middle Grade Author's Best Friends"

Uwe Stender: "Literary Agent Uwe Stender's Never-Ending Thirst for Fantastic YA and MG"

Lori Ann Stephens:"Writing the Truth (And Making it Funny)"

Shelley Tougas: "Breaking into Fiction with Nonfiction

Joanna Volpe: "Why Literary Agent Joanna Volpe Loves Middle Grade"

Sunny Weber: "The Village Approach to Fellow Author Strokes"

Donald Willerton: "Objects with Secrets, Settings that Excite, Cultures that Expand"

B.A. Williamson: "Why I don't Write Middle Grade"

D.A. Winsor: Chronology V. Plot: Dawn of New Years

Glen Wood: "Hybrid Publishing Middle Grade"

Virginia Zimmerman: "Beginnings"

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