Saturday, January 7, 2023

Middle Grade Ninja Clip Show 2022

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It’s the fifth mega-sized Middle Grade Ninja clips show, featuring snippets from episodes 147 through 196 that aired in 2022.

New episodes are scheduled to return January 14th.

Until then, enjoy this compilation of clips from conversations with Adama Bah, Salvador Gómez-Colón, Freshta Tori Jan, Tina Wells, Lane Heymont, Meera Trehan, Leslie Connor, Elana K. Arnold, Erika Lewis, Libby McNamee, Don Handfield, Joshua Malkin, Elly Swartz, Gregory Maguire, Ellen Whitfield, James Riley, Jodi Lynn Anderson, Mark Gottlieb, Maurice Broaddus, Jenna Yoon, Xiran Jay Zhao, Lindsay Eager, Kristin Ostby, Hilde Kate Lysiak, Aisha Saeed, Zetta Elliott, Linda Epstein, Lakita Wilson, Mat Heagerty, Sam Own, Lucienne Diver, Andrew Nehring, Rachel Orr, Ally Malinenko, J. Elle, Greg van Eekhout, Patricia Nelson, Diane Magras, Meaghan Tosi, Stephanie Fretwell-Hill, Amy Christine Parker, Max Brallier, Fleur Bradley, Rose Brock, Dan Poblocki, Neal Shusterman, Jessica Craig, Kelly McWilliams, Linda Sasour, Kereen Getten, Anthony McGowen, and Susan Hawk.

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