A podcast about reading and writing middle grade novels utilizing ninja stealth and skill. Rob Kent interviews fellow authors and various publishing professionals to discuss the craft and business of producing middle grade and young adult novels.

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If you're a writer or a publishing professional interested in appearing on the podcast, email me at Bannekerbones [at] gmail [dot] com.

Upcoming Episodes
(subject to change, new episode released every Saturday)

April 4 - Episode 67 Author Rob Harrell
April 11 - Episode 68 Author Joy McCullough
April 18 - Episode 69 Author Mitali Perkins

Scheduled Conversations
(all times are eastern standard/Indiana time)

March 31: Author Rob Harrell 8:00 pm
April? Author Carlie Sorosiak 12:00 pm
April 13: Literary Agent Kristy Hunter 12:00 pm
April 21: Author Anne Nesbet 12:00 pm
April 27: Editor Sarah LaPolla 12:00 pm

Episode 29: Author M.G. Hennessey

Episode 30: Author Debbie Dadey

Episode 31: Literary Agent Jennifer Mattson

Episode 32: Editor Molly Cusick

Episode 33: Author Kate Hannigan

Episode 34: Author Allan Woodrow

Episode 36: Author Sharon M Draper

Episode 37: Dan Gutman

Episode 38: Author Thomas Taylor

Episode 39: Public Relations Expert Claire McKinney

Episode 40: Author Annie Sullivan

Episode 41: Author John Claude Bemis

Episode 42: Author Gregg Millman

Episode 43: Literary Agent Carrie Pestritto

Episode 44: Author Francesca Zappia

Episode 45: Author Alicia D. Williams

Episode 46: Author Nancy Richardson Fischer

Episode 47: Author Shamim Sarif

Episode 48: Literary Agent Christa Heschke

Episode 49: Author Mira Bartók

Episode 50: Author Mariama J. Lockington

Episode 51: Author Angie Karcher

Episode 52: Author Lance Rubin

Episode 53: Author Stefani Deoul

Episode 54: Editor Lauren Smulski

Episode 55: Author Erin Bow

Episode 56: Author Shauna Holyoak

Episode 57: Author Jennifer Voigt Kaplan

Episode 58: Literary Agent Allison Hellegers

Episode 59: Author Jillian Boehme

Episode 60: Author Catherine Linka

Episode 61: Author Barabra Shoup Returns

Episode 62: Author Kaela Noel

Episode 63: Author Sayantani DasGupta

Episode 64: Author Avi

Episode 65: Author Anna Meriano

Episode 66: Author Anne Bustard

Indy Author Fair 2017 Genre Writing Panel

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