Sunday, September 25, 2016

School of Ninja

Please forgive my brief absence, Esteemed Reader. It turns out publishing a serial novel is a lot less like publishing one book broken into five parts and a lot more like publishing five books about one story. The fourth chapter of The Book of David, available Halloween day, is longer than Banneker Bones and the Giant Robot Bees or All Together Now. 

I got hold of a great story and it turns out to be a long one, which is fun, but also a whole lotta work, which is why this blog's posting schedule will probably be a bit erratic until Chapter 5 and the inevitable compilation of all five chapters have been published.

But our old friend Barbara Dee will be here Tuesday with a fantastic guest post and I've got some great interviews to share with you and a few posts actually written by me as well. But I'm a writer of books first and a blogger second since y'all don't pay nothing for this here writing:) Book writing leads to bill paying, blogging leads to "exposure," whatever that is.  If you'd like to continue freeloading, the first chapter of The Book of David is also free all day every day:) 

If you'd like to come tell me to my face how offensive it is (I know already, but I love to hear from readers), I'll be teaching two classes at the Indiana Writers Center this month and would be thrilled to have you in attendance. I'll also be speaking at two panels at the Indiana Author Fair held at Central Library in Indianapolis on Saturday, October 9. In you're in Indy or close, come see me, my homies, Sarah J. Schmidt and Skila Brown, and a whole bunch of other writers.

Here's some details on my classes:

The Basics of Self Publishing

Date: Saturday, October 1
Time: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Location: IWC
Cost: $76 nonmembers, $52 members, $44 student members/teacher members/senior members/military members/librarian members

Editor Peggy Tierney says she receives thousands of manuscripts per year, reads perhaps fifty, and publishes only one or two. With publishers consolidating and purchasing fewer books each year, advances shrinking, and legacy contracts becoming more restrictive than ever – and with breakout self-publishing successes like Hugh Howey, Andy Weir, and Amanda Hawking making headlines – self publishing is no longer a marginalized zone for writers not talented enough to get a "real contract." It's a practical approach to to making real money through writing and reaching actual readers that's so much more fun than sending endless queries into the void.

Writing the Horror Novel

Date: Saturday, October 22
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Location: IWC
Cost: $57 nonmembers, $39 members, $33 student members/teacher members/senior members/military members/librarian members

Author and film director Clive Barker says, "Horror fiction shows us that the control we believe we have is purely illusory, and that every moment we teeter on chaos and oblivion." Do you like scary stories? Do you want to hold your readers frozen in heart-pounding suspense until they can turn the page and either breathe again... or scream? Robert Kent, author of All Together Now: A Zombie Story and other tales of terror, will share some of the most common tricks of the trade. He'll discuss popular plotting strategies, effective characterization techniques (for people as well as monsters),  establishing credibility in a genre about the incredible, and many other spine-tingling subjects. Most stories could benefit from incorporating a little romance, but ALL stories could benefit from incorporating elements of horror. Whatever your preferred genre, expect to gain a deeper appreciation for horror's place in fiction to improve your own writing and reading.

Indy Author Fair: Writing for Young People - Panel Discussion

Adults and teens are invited as noted authors will share their experiences and expertise covering writing styles ranging from young adult novels to chapter books and picture books. This program is presented by the Indiana Writers Center and features John David Anderson, 2015 Emerging Author Finalist Skila Brown, Rob Kent and Sarah J. Schmitt. As a program of the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award and the Library, this event will be held in Central Library's Clowes Auditorium.

Indy Author Fair: Self-Publishing Tips and Tricks

Adults and teens are invited to learn the ins and outs of self-publishing during this workshop presented by the Indiana Writers Center featuring Rob Kent. As a program of the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award and the Library, this event will be held in the Knall Room.

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  1. Glad you're putting your writing first. Amazing you can do it all with a baby and work. Awesome you'll be teaching classes too. Hope it's all productive and fun.


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