Saturday, December 3, 2011

Whatever Happened to That Nice Ninja Fellow?

Hello there, Esteemed Reader. Oh how I miss you and a twisted part of me hopes you miss me just a little. I’m hoping my Book of the Week Reviews have been something you enjoyed reading when your boss or teacher wasn’t looking and in my absence you’ve been reading some other blog that’s almost as good—there are plenty of great ones to choose from.

I am not dead, Esteemed Reader, nor have I stopped writing. That will never happen until I am actually dead and I’m hoping they have laptops in Heaven so I can sit in a nice café along the streets paved with gold. But I have stopped blogging… for now. Don’t worry, I’ll be back eventually. But this time, it may be a while.

I love this blog. I miss interviewing writers and literary agents, but the interviews I’ve collected up to this point will remain here online, free for all. And I will occasionally be dropping in with a new Book of the Week, but I’ve been turning new writers away recently. It breaks my heart to do it, but I just don’t have time to keep up a regular posting schedule and the writers who are so kind to share their extremely useful advice with us for free deserve better.

When I started this blog, I worked an 8hr day job that made me miserable, but gave me plenty of time both to write fiction and maintain this blog. I didn’t make much money, but I got to come home and interview my heroes here. A year ago I started a job I love and now I’ve moved into management. I’m making more money and I’m much, much happier, except I have less time to write. I promised myself when I started this blog that if I ever had to choose between writing fiction and writing blog posts, I’d choose fiction. I hoped that day would never come, but it has.

This isn’t goodbye, Esteemed Reader. Heck no! I love this blog too much to ever give it up. But it’s going to be a while before I can once again adopt a schedule to accomplish all of my new duties and write fiction and maintain a regular posting schedule here. Until that day, Esteemed Reader, know that I am missing you and I hope you’ll be here when I return.


  1. Ninja, what joy it was to see your post pop up in my Google Reader, and know you are still alive and kicking. We have mised your bright humor and your brilliant book reviews, yes we have.

    It is good to know that your blog will continue, even sporadically. My wish for you is to be massively published, so you can quit your job, write more fiction, and blog from your new home in the Bahamas, watching tropical sunsets while Mrs. Ninja fixes you both a well-deserved cocktail.

    Your fan,
    The Middle Grade Mafioso

  2. I was just thinking of you yesterday and checked to be sure I wasn't missing your posts. Glad you're okay. I can totally relate to the time of blogging with a demanding job and family.

    I do hope you'll continue at least sporadically. I really enjoy your agent interviews especially. Take care and happy writing.

  3. You know...odd though this may sound...I am glad you've had to make the choice. It's because you've got a job you love, making the money needed and you will carry on with working on your fiction. All good and what treasure you are leaving behind. Yeesh, now I sounding like you are leaving forever. See you as you make it back here from time to time...if no, will be watching for you on the shelves. Cheers and laptops in heaven would totally ROCK!

  4. I sure do miss your reviews and interviews! That's great you have a job you enjoy, though. Good luck with it and hope to see you on a manageable blog schedule soon!

  5. Hey Ninja, I've missed you, too. Thanks for popping in and letting us know that life is actually treating you well! Now go! Write something fantastic that will sell well and make you lots of money. The next thing I want to see from you is your name plastered all over the internet as "Author." (Oh, you can pop in and blog a little if you are so inclined.) But seriously, concentrate on what you love best. Thanks for the update, happy writing, and Cheers!

  6. Glad you found a job you like. Best of luck in all you do, Robert.

  7. Congratulations on the new job! Finding a balance between work, family, blogging and writing can be hard. We'll miss you, but are happy that you are happy. I'll keep an eye on my blogroll to see if you pop in and update us on your writing progress.

    Happy Writing!

  8. Mr. Kent, you have changed lives with your passion and keen sense of integrity. That's what every one of us should aspire to do with the words bestowed upon our hearts, minds and souls. In actuality, you are the one who's truly awesome!
    Do what you must, we'll be mindful of your return. Until then, tell 'em all hello!

  9. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago and I love it! I write middle grade and am so happy that you took the time to interview agents. It will make querying much easier for me (well, at least the researching-the-agent-part ;) Hope your new job (and your writing) is going well.

  10. Hey, I just stumbled upon your site too. Looks like you're blog is a very necessary part of our lives. Let us know when you're back. I love this. I write middle grade. Would love to be reviewed someday by YOU!


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