Friday, January 11, 2013

Exciting New Feature Coming!!!

Hi there, Esteemed Reader! I'm just dropping in today to tell you how excited I am to be expanding the blog. We've interviewed writers and literary agents and we can look forward to more interviews with both in the coming weeks.

But starting tomorrow, we're also going to be interviewing editors of middle grade books, beginning with the editor of Ashen Winter and the founder of Tanglewood Publishing, Peggy Tierney! She'll be here tomorrow to face the 7 Questions, so make sure you find your way back here.

I love these 7 Question interviews because I think they reveal a lot about our favorite writers and they've helped me to think of literary agents as people rather than gods who reject our manuscripts from the top of Mount Olympus:) I hope you feel the same and that you're as excited as I am to welcome our first editor of hopefully many. I'll see you tomorrow, Esteemed Reader!


  1. Your 7 Questions have been incredibly helpful in the creation of my most recent query list for my MG book. I'm very much looking forward to read what editors have to say next!

  2. * Thank you! Look forward to reading the interviews!
    Best wishes....


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